Các Lời Nhận Xét Về Timeshare

Các Lời Nhận Xét Về Timeshare
Dưới đây là một số comments lời nhận xét về Timeshare. Bạn tin hay không thì tùy vào bạn, tôi không có y đồ gì về kinh doanh hay nói xấu về Timeshare. Vi Timeshare đã tồn tại 40 năm, nên bạn thấy hợp với bạn thì bạn sẵn sàng mua. Tôi chỉ yêu thích blog và trình bày một số nội dung, ý kiến, kiến thức mọi người muốn tìm hiểu
Đây là một số lời nhận xét từ các khách hàng của Timeshare trên toàn thế giới

      (Guest) 09/17/2010
    * William Fullilove
      (Guest) 04/24/2010
      I like travel memberships like GRN. You can pick and choose, and its a one time only fee. No maintenance, and it's cheaper!! My wife and I really got a deal while staying on the beach in North Florida, even during Spring Break. Really nice condo for a week right on the beach for less than $800. http://alturl.com/sypn
    * QueensDad
      (Guest) 03/24/2010
      maintenance is comparable if not often MORE that just a plain ol' booked vacation at the same resort. to pay thousands more for the same if not worse "deal"... talk about a losing investment!
    * Bob
      (Guest) 02/25/2010
      I can't believe some of the comments. To find the actual value of the timeshare, compare what people who have already bought one will sell for or for a better deal find out what they will rent them for! You can go somewhere new year after year, no fees, no maintenance, just a negotiated rent, always lower then what a time share costs. Why do people buy real estate without independent legal advice? Anyway if you want great cheap vacations just rent from the large number of disillusioned timeshare owners.
      (Guest) 01/16/2010
      The post above is 100% accurate I work for the Sol Melia Vacation club inside of the collections department. First and foremost all of these contracts are written by a team of very skilled lawyers and there is a clause in fine print hidden in about the 8th or 9th page of the contract that clearly states you can NEVER cancel the agreement. The maintance fees will ALWAYS go up no matter what economic crisis the world is facing. In the untimely event of your demise, and yes I mean death, the contract is still the legal responsibility of whomever was unfortunate enough to co-sign with you at the time of purchase, in essence making them now responsible for your debt! Depending on which resort you are buying the contract from Sol Melia sales reps are trained to do one thing only, take as much money from you as humanly possible. I have encountered many a member who were promised the sun moon and stars only to be left with a debt for the next 50 years. When sitting down for the "tour" of
    * Roc
      (Guest) 12/26/2009
      This guy works for a timeshare company? And you have the audacity to down grade the exact thing that you are selling to people everyday. If you don't believe in your product than you need to definately Quit and look elsewhere for employment. You make the rest of us look bad. I have been selling timeshare for two years and have given every last one of the clients I've sold to my personal number and can contact me anytime, and have gotten many referrals. Most vacations are planned anyway and there are lots of ways to still be spontaneous, btu that timeshare has to have those type of packages. Everyone is different. But as for you what does that say about your character if you continue to sell product that you don't believe in. You're no different than a prostitute.
    * Raptor
      (Guest) 09/30/2009
      I am desperately trying to get rid of my timeshare. I made a grave mistake in purchasing it. The timeshare is a BlueGreen Timeshare, ShoreCrest Villa OO. If anyone is interested in purchasing it please let me know. I am trying to sell it cheaply.
    * IJ
      (Guest) 06/27/2009
      I fully agree with the posted text.I warn everyone who consider buying it that it is better to throw money in the trash can then deal with those criminals. It is the biggest fraud that someone could think of. I have all the worst experiences with them. And now I can not get rid of it.If anyone have any idea of how I could sell it,please advise. I am currently considering details in order to launch a law suit and think there are many interested to make a group case.Also I will start public campaign against them , so that no one ever make same mistake and be fooled like rest of us who bought it were.
    * ERC
      (Guest) 06/24/2009
      My family has owned a timeshare in the keys for over 25 years. Just today, I bought my own unit there. $3,500 for a one bedroom with a den suite and about $450 per year maintenance. People get the misconception that they are an investment. They are not. As one of the responders said, they are for people who like to go back to the same place year and year. For me, it's the only vacation I go on that I actually come back rested. Usually, you go some place and run all over the place to see everything. In the 25 years we've been going, we've seen everything. It's a nice place to go to RELAX!
    * YES MAN!
      (Guest) 05/21/2009
          * TimeShareRules
            (Guest) 05/21/2009

            It is so bad to hear from so many people all this negative things about Timeshare. timeshare is the best thing for people that want to have a commitment to spend quality time with their families every year regardless of life circumstances, at quality accommodations and have the benefits of ownership at the same or less cost of a hotel. Folks, All timeshares are different. it is true that there are many timeshares that dont work. Yes!! i would never deny that. But you should never judge the industry only because of a bad experience that u may have had in the past. THINK ABOUT IT ""just because you went to a restaurant and you order chicken and when they serve it to you, it tastes bad, its cold, and makes you get sick, that doesnt mean that you are going to stop eating chicken for the rest of your life.. you just go to another restaurant"" same with timeshare. you should instead of going to another presentation there are 2 companies that study the industry and they are the who's who in t
          * Anonymous
            (Guest) 09/16/2008

            It's great to go and hear their little spill if you can get a good vacation out of it, but he's right, they are a complete waste of money and time. Not only do you pay for the timeshare, you pay maintenance fees every year and then you pay fees just about everytime you want to use any of their exchange options. You're much better off just paying for exactly what you want and where you want to go. - I work for a timeshare company, i should know.
          * Maria
            (Guest) 09/11/2008

            Teletrinsic is a total scam!!!!! I post my ad there and after 6 months there was no even one inquiry (for sale or rent). An agreement was if they won't sale they will refund the money I've invested. After 3 months of calling and being pushed around-no one in customer service knows how to contact "the refund department", ha, ha. no phone number??? they only contacting each other via email and they wouldn't give me that email either. I'll post that blog everywhere I can just to warn everyone NOT to invest any money in that company!!!!
          * Timeshare Revealed 07/13/2008

            I posted my experience and more facts here: www.TimeshareRevealed.com
          * Alex
            (Guest) 07/04/2008

            According to my experience Timeshare is excellent way. Friends if you have any question regarding your timeshare sales and purchase. I am highly recommended you just go to www.buyatimeshare.com and feel free to contact them. They are providing timeshare resale market in Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Orlando, timeshares for rent and time share for sale.
          * A_TS_Owner
            (Guest) 05/09/2008

            Oh, sorry, I forgot to also write that that's the most honest timeshare rep I've ever read, if they ARE actually a timeshare rep!
          * A_TS_Owner
            (Guest) 05/09/2008

            Wow, timeshare rep below gets it right. He or she says "The truth is that you wont see real saving for about 10 years. Just like the wholesale clubs that you pay 40 dollars to join . You have to save$40 before it starts paying you back." That is for the most part true. A timeshare is really for a person who keeps going back to the same vacation spot time and time again (you can also swap but that's harder to do). The savings really only show then. For people who don't vacation every year and don't have flexible schedules, I doubt that they'd see savings very soon if at all. That's the trick. I've made a lot of mistakes around timeshares in my day, but thankfully now there are so many sites with good consumer info. A few have already been mentioned, www.timeshareconsumergroup.com is another. Back in the 80s there was nothing like that, so mistakes were made. :(
          * Wondering.
            (Guest) 11/20/2007

            We have been invited to San Diego for a week with my son, daughter-in-law and her parents. They own a timeshare there. My husband will not go, he says that timeshares are a stupid waste of money for gullible people, I say "so" I am going anyway as a fifth wheel. They assure me it is not a "couple thing". I say my husband needs to lighten up. Am I wrong?
          * Jacci DiCarlo 10/29/2007

            Buyers' Remorse is a beautiful thing. But you have to know your rights in your state. You get to sign the contract (just in case it really is a good deal) and then go home and look for the same package in the resale market. When you find it, you can cancel the contract (as long as you are within remorse period provided by your state.....There should be a paper in your contract.It's the one the sales person breezed over ready to turn the page AS you were signing it.
          * vincent paul
            (Guest) 10/05/2007

            if you want to sell your timeshare just contact me, vincent paul, a property consultant from teletrinsic timeshare 1-800-945-17-30. i'd be willing to help you.
          o Susan Slade 06/29/2007
            I agree with #4. We have 2 timeshare 'weeks' and 1 points. We use our weeks every year and have done so for 10 years. They have paid for themselves. Our points system is enabling us to go to a timeshare close to my daughter in England this year. Just the 2 of us but we have a 2 bed/2 bath in at Walton Hall, in 65 acres of lush green land. We have been there before and it is just amazing. Just be aware of what you are signing. There are good and bad deals.
          o YOUR FRACTION
            (Guest) 06/07/2007
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          o great vacation
            (Guest) 06/01/2007
            We own 10 weeks of timeshares and are goint to Maui, Kauai, Palm Desert, CA, and Carlsbad, CA this year, staying in 2 bedroom units each time, and we only pay about $600 total per unit for our stays. You have to know what you are doing, but if you do it right, timesharing is great. We had to read TUG postings for about 2 years to get the hang of it all, and now also read timeshareforums to get the skinny on using our weeks properly.
                + tonyg
                  (Guest) 05/02/2007
                  Timeshare relief will charge you $ 3,000-$ 4,000 to take your timeshare off your hands, then they turn around and sell it on Ebay for more money. Someone gave away their timeshare today at TimeshareForums and saved that money. You can also give yours away on the site, just post it on the freebie forum and save yourself thousands while putting the slimebags at timeshare relief (and others out of business). Of course you could just join the site free and ask what your timeshare is worth, and maybe even make money disposing of it. We are there to help - not to help ourselves to your money.
                + Kate Ann 05/02/2007
                  Well, this is funny to see everyone rooting for timeshares on an article that says why you shouldn't get into timeshares. Man, do the knives ever come out when someone suggests that timeshares aren't a great idea. Just so you know the truth about Timeshare Relief... I've looked into using that company(I mentioned in an earlier post I'd inherited a timeshare), and they don't sell the dang timeshares, (how can they, hardly anyone can sell their own timeshares...for god's sake) they pay another company to take them, and that other company uses them. All you have to do is call Timeshare Relief and ask them how their program works to get that answer..really simple. This lying by supporters of the timeshare industry (users or sales crooks alike) is disgusting. Spreading misinformation about a company that does none of the illegal or underhanded things being suggested is heinous. How about, you sell, or use timeshares, and let companies like Timeshare Relief help people who need help gettin
                + Keitht
                  (Guest) 05/02/2007
                  It's just been brought to my notice that I referred to Timesharetalk when I meant Timeshareforums in my post yesterday. Timesharetalk is UK based and hadn't been mentioned in the post claiming the sites were run by t/s sales people. My apologies to those I confused by my previous reply. For the sake of clarity I would stress that none of TUG, Timesharetalk or Timeshareforums are run by, or on behalf of, timeshare companies. They are all run by timeshare owners, for timeshare owners or those with an interest in timeshare.
                + noslensj
                  (Guest) 05/02/2007
                  One added comment - how much of a rip off is Timeshare Relief? The last timeshare we bought (off eBay) was a "recycled" timeshare from a Timeshare Relief type of company. (I deduced this after we got the deed, which included some info on how the seller had acquired title. Googling with that info revealed the connections). After telling someone that their timeshare was worthless and collecting $3500 from the original owner, the buyer turned around and sold it on eBay for close to $2000. Another trick they do is insist that fees be current when they acquire the unit, then they turn around and collect another annual fee from the next buyer in the chain. That's what happened with the one I bought. I laugh whenever I see Timeshare Relief shills babbling about how sleazy timeshare developers are. Timeshare Relief lies more blatantly than all but the worst of the timeshare developers. I guess they work on the principle that if someone's has been screwed once, they won't scream as l
                + noslensj
                  (Guest) 05/02/2007
                  last year my brother and SIL joined us for a week on Moloka'i in a timeshare (2-bdrm condo) after they spent three at an ordinary 3* hotel in Wa'ikiki (not waterfront or ocean view). We split all costs except air fare 50:50 between couples - exchange fee, the annual fee for the week used for the exchange, food, rental car, gasoline, occupancy taxes, etc. When we tallied the costs, my brother looked at his split and observed that his cost for the entire week on Molokai was less than what they spent per day in Wa'ikiki. We could never afford to vacation as we do without timeshares.
                + Tmshrqn
                  (Guest) 05/01/2007
                  Talk about crooks - that's exactly what companies like Timeshare Relief are. They make YOU pay THEM and then they sell it and make more money on the sale and exorbitant closing fees. I bought my first 2 timeshares from the developer(ouch). Then I found TUG and learned about resales. My family, friends and I have been to places we would not have been able to go to were it not for timeshares. It's a lot nicer being in a spacious 2 bdr timeshare with 3 kids than a hotel room. Kitchen, washer/dryer, several TV's, lots of beds and room - for $500-$600 week. How can you possibly compare the 2. TUG and TS4UMS are great places with helpful members. Don't believe anyone that tells you differently.
                + Sydney
                  (Guest) 05/01/2007
                  The people who are saying www.timeshareforums.com are crooks are the actual crooks themselves who are trying to lure unhappy timeshare owners into giving away their timeshares for a fee of $3500! If you fall for their lies, you will be ripped off! If you want transparent & helpful advice, whether it be how to get rid of your timeshare, how to buy a timeshare, how to make the most of your timeshare, then www.timeshareforums are made up of timeshare owners who are more than happy & willing to answer any questions and share their wealth of knowledge in order to help you. No strings attached and we're definately not made up of industry people, just regular timeshare owners who are pro consumer education.
                + Arlene
                  (Guest) 05/01/2007
                  The fact that these timeshare relief people are lying about TUG and Timeshare Forums should be reason enough not to trust them. It's ridiculous to say that TUG and Timeshare Forums are timeshare industry people. Go there and post that you just bought a timeshare, and everyone will tell you to rescind, research your purchase and buy resale. There is a tremedous discount in buying resale. (Resale means buying it from someone who no longer wants it, instead of buying it from the timeshare company). Industry people don't want you to know that. If TUG/TS4Ms were industry people, they would never tell you that dirty little secret. Timeshare is not for everyone. As a previous poster mentioned, you have to be a planner to get the most out of it. But correctly used, you can get 5* accomodations at Motel 6 prices (but not if you buy from the developer!) By the way, timeshare relief and other postcard companies will tell you there's no value in your week, collect your money, and then sell it for
                      # lawren
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        Both Timshareforums and Timeshare Users Groups are not seller, developer or secondary market websites. Both internet sites were developed by consumers to assist people in making the most of their ownerships. Many people have saved thousands of dollars by finding these sites prior to buying or during the recission period of a developer timeshare purchase. It is shameful that a column about timeshares would paint these two consumer driven internet sites with the same broad brush as developers and "postcard" up front fee resellers. If you own timeshares these sites can help you get the most of your investment. Come visit both and see for yourself.
                      # Brian
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        It is ironic that a thread to educate timeshare owners contains such misinformation. TUG was founded over 13 years ago to educate the Timeshare community and has remained the largest independent online community of its kind. TUG is run by myself, with the help of countless volunteers...none of us are in the timeshare industry and are all timeshare owners just like the rest of you (save of the company representatives that staff those areas of the Online Forums). Both TUG and similar sites (ts4ms, etc) were started to and continue to educate timeshare owners, neither REQUIRE a fee to obtain this information...and make it readily available to anyone and everyone who whishes to read and learn! you may also contact me directly at tug@tug2.net if you have any further questions or concerns.
                      # Jack
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        I see the second scum of the earth, some of the few that are lower than your average timeshare sales weasel, from "Timeshare Relief" have posted their usual positive "testimonials". Beware. If you think you were suckered into a timeshare ownership (which, purchased correctly on resale can be a very good buy) then wait until you get ripped off by those crooks. $3500 for yu to GIVE them your timeshare. People, there are plenty of ways to get rid of a timeshare if you want to that won't cost anything close o $3500. Don't fall for that trap.
                      # Keitht
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        If the person claiming that TUG and Timesharetalk are 'run by timeshare salespeople' would bother to take the time to actually read the content they would realise that is extremely unlikely. Every time anybody posts saying they have just purchased from the developer they receive a chorus of posts saying "rescind, you can buy much cheaper elsewhere". Is it likely that timeshare sales people would say that? I think not.
                      # AmyB
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        I am truly sorry that your timeshare experience was so negative. However, there are many happy timeshare owners out there that DO NOT share your opinions! We bought our first timeshare a little over four years ago and thanks to the wonderful aadvice from the folks on TUG (many of whom also frequent timeshare forums), we bought a resale. We have been so happy with the results that we recently bought a second timeshare week-also a resale. Our purchases weren't spontaneous-they were well-researched. It sounds to me like the author(s) of these opinions bad-mouthing timeshares, TUG, and Timeshare Forums DIDN'T do their research and are trying to blame everyone else for their errors. That is irresponsible and very unfair! JMHO!
                      # happy
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        TUG (timeshare users group) actually has a classified ad section for timeshares that are being given away or sold for a very low price. (I believe under $50). If you truly want to get rid of your timeshare (and have no outstanding debt) this is an excellent avenue, and you don't have to pay anyone to sell it for you.
                      # ArtsieAng
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        OK.....Whoever is saying that TS4M's and Tugs are working in the timeshare industry, and making money by tricking people, is completely wrong!!! O truth in those statements. These forums are for the sole purpose of informing timeshare owners how to best utilize their timeshare. They consist of timeshare owners, helping each other by giving tips, and personal experience.....Come see for yourself!!! www.timeshareforums.com
                      # Bigfrank
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        I can tell by Nathan's post dated on 1/19/07 that he has no idea what he is talking about. He is giving you all the wrong information. Both TUG and Timeshareforums.com have people helping people with there questions on timeshare. Most of the members of both sites know more about timesharing than both the developers and the major exchange company's want you to know. You can believe who ever you like or you can see for yourself by looking at the two sites which will not cost you anything. OH and yes I am part owner of timeshareforums, I felt I should disclose that.
                      # aliikai2
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        I have to laugh when I see posts that talk about the EVIL of TIMESHARES..lol Folks like us that understand what they are and how to use them have great vacations in exotic locations that most just dream of... for a fraction of the cost of a cramped hotel room For example I am taking our youngest daughter, her husband and our youngest Grand Daughter to Disney World this month for 2 weeks. We will be staying in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen with a washer/dryer suite in the Sheraton Vistana Resort for less that $500 per week. Come to http://www.timeshareforums.com or www.tug2.net and see for yourselves. These sites are for the education of timeshare users/owners and aren't populated by timeshare sales weasels. Education is the key to understanding about most things, timeshares are one of those things. Timeshares aren't for everyone, they may not be for you, but you should learn and decide for yourselves.. Greg
                      # noslensj
                        (Guest) 05/01/2007
                        We bought our first timeshare in 1999 on Kauai - originally bought from a developer, then rescinded and found a resale we liked better for less than one-third the price and half the annual fee. We use it almost every year. We bring family along with us. Our now adult kids love it and as grandkids come along we will expect to have many happy reunions. Since then I bought about six more timeshares - all resale- and along the way resold three of them, making a profit each time. We spend three weeks every year vacationing - all of which is in timeshares. We now spend two weeks in Hawaii every year. We go skiing in Whistler, we stay in first class resorts in Mexico (where we have learned to be very assertive about saying "No" to the timeshare sales people. We are not wealthy,and that's a lot of vacationing. We can afford it only because of timeshares. We only take units that have kitchens, and the money we save on not eating out makes the timeshare cheaper than trying to stay

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