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Benefits of Protrainerlive

1. You can win $50 with every broadcast

2. Michael Whiteley has 16 years experience in alternative medicine

3. Michael Whiteley has been doing extensive research with regards to supplements and the best super food options for over 16 years

4. Protrainerlive teaches its clients how to detoxify their body

5. Teaches healthy recipes

6. teaches best food to purchase

7. Teaches effective training techniq ues

8. helps its clients improve endurance

9. Helps you lose weight

10. Teaches how to eliminate cellulite

11. Cost of classes are 50% off

12. Teaches how to improve endurance

13. Teaches how to improve energy

14. Classes are 3 times per week

15. You can train anywhere that you are with an internet stream

16. Anyone around the world can join

17. Anyone around the world can become an Associate

18. Extensive questionnaire on site helps Michael Whiteley determine your specific needs

19. Streams are live so you can ask questions during shows and get answers right away

20. Associates get 30% commission on the net cost on all sales on a monthly basis as long as client remains a member of site

21. Associates are paid by email money transfers

22. Site aims at education its clien ts on how to make the healthiest choices

23. Clients can work out anywhere without having to make a commute

24. Site helps its clients keep off excess weight

25. Site helps its client obtain better strength

26. Class helps its client gain confidence

27. Classes are 30 minutes each

28. Michael Whiteley teaches his T5 training system

29. Michael Whiteley teaches his F9 nutrition system

30. World largest boot camp

31. Best live boot camp

32. There are fitness instructors demonstrating a beginner, intermediate and advanced program of the exercises so everyone can participate.

33. Teaches how to lose 10-30 lbs in a few weeks

34. Michael Whiteley has been training clients for over 16 years

35. Michael Whiteley has a network of practitioners that can help its client understand their health status

3 6. Michael Whiteley uses functional foods, diet and exercises in order to help his clients become medication free

37. Michael Whiteley has been research alternative health for several years

38. Michael Whiteley is a successful professional track athlete

39. Michael Whiteley conducts teleconference education

40. Michael Whiteley meets with clients in studio as well.

41. Site is very affordable

42. Access to a professional trainer from anywhere in the world

43. Exciting broadcasts

44. Michael Whiteley is a nutritional expert

45. Teaches how to remove common/uncommon allergens from foods to improve health

46. Teaches importance of juicing

47. Teaches effective supplementation

48. Exercises are created specifically for each individual to improve at an accelerated pace

49. Michael Whiteley has dedicated his life to learni ng and practicing how to improve ones health

50. Site helps to teaches you how to obtain better mental clarity

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